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TESOL Course in Goa


Goa is a kaleidoscopic blend of cultures, sun and sea, trance parties, seafood and spirituality. It has perfectly exposed the amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese culture. Apart from the sun soaked beaches and vigorous night life Goa is also famous for its astonishing colonial architecture and heritage. In short this place never lets you down.

A TEFL course in Goa offered by Asian college of Teachers is the most exciting opportunity to soak in to a beach vacation while pursuing the most promising TEFL course. Enrolling in the TEFL course in Goa can be the wisest possible option as TEFL opens up enormous opportunities for EFL/ESL teachers to travel abroad and get hired as teachers and trainers in different sectors..

TEFL Premium Program- The course is reasonably priced at INR 65,000 + 18% GST (as applicable). The program comes with intense Teaching Practice in local schools.

TEFL Hybrid –TEFL online course with 5 days in class training and teaching practice can be availed at a reasonable fee of 18000 INR (270 USD approx). If the candidate is coming from a different city or country and have no lodgings of his/her own, we can arrange the accommodation.

The 3 weeks TEFL course in Goa by the Asian College of Teachers comes with the best supervision from qualified tutor and latest curriculum to become a successful EFL/ESL teacher.


27th Nov - 15th Dec '2017
14th May - 1st June '2018
13th Aug - 31st Aug '2018
26th Nov - 14th Dec '2018

History of the city

Goa has witnessed an intricate historical feast which can be witnessed from ornate architecture and unique cultural traits. The Portuguese influence is still vivid in the whitewashed churches, age-old forts, bright Catholic ceremonies, melancholy fado music and the spectacular cathedrals of Old Goa. Enticed by the exotic East and the call of profitable spice routes the Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510 and ruled this place for 450 years. In the 3rd century BC Goa was a part of the Mauryan Empire which was eventually passed to the Chalukyas of Badami. In 1961 the Indian army marched into Goa and Portuguese occupation at last came to its end on the subcontinent. In 1987 that Goa was officially declared India's 25th state by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and five years later Konkani was recognized as one of India's official languages.


Goa is situated in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. It is bordered by the state of Maharashtra in the north and by Karnataka in the east and south. Goa is India's smallest state and is situated between latitudes 15 degrees 48'00" North to 14 degrees 53'54" North and Longitudes 74 degrees 20'13" East to 73 degrees 40" 33" East.


The pleasant weather of Goa makes it a tourist's paradise with almost no extremities in temperatures throughout the year. Goa is blessed with a tropical weather. May is usually the warmest month in Goa. The rainy season lasts from mid June through September. December, January and February usher in a pleasant weather in Goa.


Goans are deeply devout people and religion plays an important role in Goa. Hinduism and Christianity are the two major religions in Goa. Hinduism and Christianity are the two major religions in Goa and the Christian population is almost entirely Roman Catholic and Goan Catholics form a significant ethno religious group. There are many Hindu temples and churches strewn across Goa.


As a prominent tourist hub, Goa enjoys good flight and train connectivity. A number of cheap flights are available to Goa. Goa has two major railway stations — Margao and Vasco-da-Gama, both located in the southern area of the state. Roads are the primary mode of travel around Goa. Goa is connected to the rest of the country through the national highway, rail networks and domestic flights.