Jobs and Placement


English to day has emerged as a virtual global language. It is the language of business transactions, academic discussions and the language is most widely used as the mean of friendly interactions among the people of different nationalities. According to the report of The Economist, within this decade, "the number of people who speak English as a subsidiary language … will exceed the number of mother-tongue speakers." So the demand for trained ESL teachers is ever increasing. ESL Teaching can be very rewarding, exciting as well as challenging career to be taken up.

With the help of Asian College of Teachers’s Onsite 120 hours internationally recognized TESOL certificate it is now possible to go beyond regular school teaching. Candidates develop potential to get absorbed as corporate trainers, Language School trainers, voice and accent trainers and soft skill trainers. So the job opportunities for teachers are also diverse and growing. With the growing need for learning English in Non English speaking nations the demand for trained ESL teachers far exceeds the supply.

The Internationally recognized TESOL Certification course incorporates the essential knowledge of the English grammar and the classroom teaching and management skills which one needs to teach effectively to all age group students. The 120 hour onsite program conducted by ACT (Asian College of Teachers) teaches the fundamentals of teaching English to the non native English Speakers.

India is one of the most populous countries in Asia and a major educational hub for students from all over the world and also one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world due to its vibrant colors and different moods.

Due to rapid expansion of globalization and industrialization India exerts great demand for ESL teachers in order to keep pace with the booming global economy and competitive market.

The teachers are treated with utmost respect and high regards in India. Teaching in India is never associated with money; imparting education is the main thing to be kept in mind while teaching in India. One can expect decent pay in Indian schools especially in international schools which are present in quite a big number in India nowadays.

Getting a teaching job in Indian schools is a bit difficult due to the recruitment procedure and they often look for long term commitments from the teachers. All the legal documents and credentials must be kept in order which is important.

In India teaching jobs are not restricted to teaching in schools only. One can look for other job opportunities as well to build a successful career in ESL teaching and get the best value of their TESOL certificate.

Language schools: Language centers are present almost in every city in India where teachers can get salaried job. Here they get to teach almost all age groups students after school or office hours, usually twice or thrice a week for 1-2 Hours for 3-6 months. One can be paid on an hourly or part time basis or can be absorbed as a full time faculty.

Corporate Training: Corporate sector is another field brimming with numerous opportunities due the very fact that commerce and trade have really gone multinational, therefore a growing need for business people to negotiate and liaison with people from different parts of the world can be observed. The multi national companies hire corporate trainers offering them a lump sum salary in order to teach and train up their employees to make them effectively communicate with their corporate clients, make clinching presentations and close deals with their overseas clients. And for this job they the TEFL training is the only qualification the employers look for.

Voice and Accent trainers: almost everyone is aware of the booming BPO industry and the huge demand of call centre employees. But the matter of concern is that most of the callers do not possess the required level of English or their English has a strong regional influence. While dealing with overseas customers it creates communication gap. English teachers with a native or no-native accent are in great demand to help those callers achieve a neutral or a native English accent. The techniques learnt through TESOL/TEFL training course will prove to be extremely helpful in this regard.

Soft skill trainers: In today’s world, one has to be presentable enough to survive in the world of cutthroat competition. The dos and don’ts to face an interview, develop the correct way to dress, making small talk, learning the table manners and how to communicate in a polite way to others, these are components of soft skills. The demand for soft skill trainers is also increasing day by day. A TEFL/TESOL certificate comes very useful in this field.