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Basics of teaching English abroad

If you have a passion for teaching and travelling, pursue a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) to teach English abroad. English is gaining importance as an international medium of communication across the world. This, in turn, is garnering a massive demand for TEFL qualified teachers with English proficiency and good communication skills. To work as an English teacher abroad, you will require a TEFL certification to begin with. There is no restriction on age, gender or background. The minimum requirement for a TEFL certification is completing 120 hours of certification and if you have a Bachelor’s degree, then you will qualify for lucrative job opportunities.

Countries employing TEFL certified teachers

Native or non-native, certified TEFL teachers are in demand across the globe. A TEFL certification will not only provide the candidate with an international career but open new arenas when it comes to teaching English abroad as a TEFL teacher. Middle East is an extremely diverse region and has a great demand for EFL/ESL teachers. Gulf countries are showing great promise as they are keen to hire professionally trained TEFL teachers and trainers for numerous jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Sharjah (Middle East). A good opportunity for certified TEFL teachers is available in Asia Pacific region. The Asian countries show some serious approach while hiring teachers. Thailand has become a popular destination with their rising demand for TEFL certified teachers. There are huge vacancies for teachers in China and adequate jobs are there in Malaysia, Cambodia and Taiwan as well for TEFL professionals. In this age of globalization, Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Vietnam are aware of the need of English language for their expansion in the corporate world and building a bridge with global market. Hence great opportunities are waiting in these countries as well. TEFL qualified teachers who wish to earn a good wage often targets countries like China, South Korea and Japan where the demand is high.

With comparison to native speakers, non-native teachers are more aware about grammar and possess a better knowledge regarding the struggles and difficulties that a learner may face while learning a new language. Non-native speakers can apply in places like Middle East, South East Asia and Far East especially in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China, South Korea etc. The bottom line is, if you have completed TEFL certificate program and have the understanding, ability and passion, your first language doesn’t matter. You should be able to teach English as a foreign language, whether you’re a native or non-native English speaker.

Pay packages

Most countries offer attractive pay packages to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle and even allow you to send some to your family. This may sometimes vary with qualification and experience. The low cost of living in most countries offers a scope to save some part of your remuneration. Majority of the schools offer lodging facilities or may provide you with subsidised accommodation while some of them even provide medical insurance and flight fare reimbursement. You may even find yourself on a paid vacation to some of the exotic locations in the country that you are working with.

Visa requirement

To work abroad as an EFL/ESL teacher, first you need to apply for a visa. Working overseas requires legal formalities that foreigners need to abide by in order to receive a work visa. Most countries have their own set of rules and legal requirements for visa permits. The requirements and procedures vary greatly from one country to another in terms of receiving a work visa but in 90% of cases you must receive an offer of employment from an employer and this employer will be your sponsor. The employer steps in and eases the process by working with their respective government immigration agencies that will issue a work visa or a work permit. Before starting your journey, you need to gather visa related information as it varies in terms of processes, requirements and quotas for providing work visas.

Find your niche in TEFL/TESOL with ACT

ACT’s TEFL certification will obviously open doors for teaching English overseas as an EFL/ESL teacher in language and international schools. But, other than that, a TEFL qualification may also pave the way to work abroad as a TESOL trainer, an online tutor, as a coordinator and also be able to land with lucrative offers in media, translation and various jobs related to it across the globe. ACT provides 100% placement support and placement opportunity through partner portals and alumni base. You will get to know about all our latest TEFL offers, programs and workshops conducted around the world and catch up on the most recent posts related to TEFL jobs across the globe, learn about the recent developments in EFL/ESL learning and teaching and interact with fellow TEFLers around the world. We will provide you with lifetime job assistance as we connect you with potential employers across the globe and help you fulfil your dream.