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TESOL Course in Chennai


A gateway to South India and literally called so, Chennai, earlier known as Madras, is the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest city in India. An important and one of the biggest south Indian cities with respect to education, economy and culture, the city of Chennai reflects the prefect mix of the Dravidian civilisation and globalization with people pouring in from all over the world (which comprises of over 100,000 expatriate population). The city has been ranked the second best Indian city by India today and has also been called the ninth best city in the world by Lonely Planet. Some of the notable and beautiful places to visit in Chennai include temples like Kapaleeshwar, ISKON, Marina Beach, museums and parks and many more.

Pursuing a TEFL program form Chennai, the city that has the right blend of the modern and the traditional, Chennai will never disappoint you when it comes to gathering varied new and exotic experiences. The TEFL course in Chennai being affordably priced at 55,000 INR (extra 18% GST as applicable) covers all the latest ESL/EFL teaching approaches and techniques to learners of varied backgrounds as well as acquaints the aspirants also with classroom management strategies, making them competent as ESL/EFL teachers around the world.


14th May - 1st Jun 2018
9th Jul - 27th Jul 2018
10th Sep - 20th Sep 2018
26th Nov - 14th Dec 2018

History of the city

Before the Portuguese arrival in Chennai in 1522, the city was ruled by quite a number of powerful dynasties which included the Cheras, the Cholas, the Pallavas, and the Vijanagara Empire. In 1639, the English settled on a strip of land on the Coromandel Coast and was granted permission to build a factory and warehouse from the then ruler Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu. This strip of land was mainly a fishing village known as "Madraspatnam". After the English established the St. George’s fort here in 1640, the colonial growth and settlement began around it. However between the years 1746 and 1749, the city came under the French supremacy and again was regained by the British conforming to the Pact of Aix-la- Chappelle after which they fortified the city to prevent further attacks. After independence, the city which had become a major metropolis by then was declared as the capital of the Madras State or Tamil Nadu. In August 1996, the city was renamed as ‘Chennai’ by the then state government.


Located in the south eastern coast of India, Chennai is situated in the Coromandel Coast with the beautiful Marina Beach, also the world’s second longest beach, is found here. The city has two rivers which flow through it are River Cooum and River Adyar, along with a number of lakes.


Chennai experiences a tropical wet and dry climate; the hottest time of the year being between May and June, with maximum temperatures ranging between 35 - 40°C, while the coolest time is in January, with minimum temperature ranging between 19 –25 °C. The city receives its seasonal rainfall from NE monsoon winds between mid-October to mid-December, the average annual rainfall being 140 cm (approx.)


The city of Chennai has a population comprising of various religious backgrounds that include Hinduism (81.3%), Islam (9.4%), Christianity (7.6%), and others too. Several temple towns like Maylapore, Triplicane, etc. along with various other places of worship like temples, masjids (mosques), churches, a Buddhist centre are found here.


The economic development of Chennai can be majorly credited to the highly developed transportation system available in the city. Mount Road is the city’s most popular road which trails to the Grand Southern Trunk Road (NH 45); the railway terminals connect the different places in the city as well as outside it like Delhi, Howrah, Mumbai, Bangalore, the Metro railway system opened to the public on June, 2015 and is still in the expansion phase. The Chennai International Airport is another convenient mode of transportation connecting both domestic as well as international regions.