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Business English Teachers Training

What we offer?

Due to the effect of globalisation, the rise of multinational corporations has been on the rise ever since where international communication plays a dominant role. English being the prevalent international language across the world is the major reason behind choosing it as the language for the business world as well. This has, in turn, has led to the rise in demand for qualified TEFL Business English trainers particularly in the non-English speaking nations. ACT offers Business English Teachers Training to aspiring trainers. The online course will provide the candidate with a scope to develop the essential skills along with earning an international certificate.

The Business English Teachers Training course is designed to impart all the necessary expertise required to become an efficient Business English trainer. The course is not only helpful and vital for business English teachers, but also for the training professionals working in a corporate atmosphere. It also provides a wide scope to work in countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea in Asia and European nations like France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic etc have abundant job prospects to offer. Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru etc are also hiring qualified Business English language teachers capable of improving the inter-personal skills of the employees along with training and guiding them in Business English skills.

Mode of learning

The Business English Teachers Training course is available in an online mode. The online program will provide the candidates with the flexibility to pursue the course at any given time of the day, from any part of the world along while continuing to work or pursue any other activity and still earning a TEFL Business English Teachers Training certificate. Apart from flexibility, the Online TEFL Business English Teachers Training course allows affordability for the highest quality of TEFL training at the professional certification level at a cost that is considerably lower than a comparable traditional method.

Duration of the course

The online Business English Teachers Training course is a 60 hours course that can be completed within a period of 3 months and will help the aspiring training professionals to acquire the training skills. The online course offers much flexibility to the candidates as it can be pursued from any corner of the world. To become a Business English trainer or a teacher, a professional certificate is an absolute necessity as it will give the candidate the right start to a TEFL training career. Additionally, it will also allow the candidate to globe-trot and explore varied cultures which are a major attraction of this profession.

Course Fee

The Business English Teachers Training Course provides an overall idea to the candidates about the latest techniques used in TEFL training. The interested candidates can pursue the course at a reasonable course fee of 10,000/- INR (18% GST as applicable) for an online mode of learning.

Who can do this course?

The online Business English Teachers Training Course is open to any teaching aspirant with a complete knowledge in written and spoken English is required. Any aspiring as well as working/experienced teacher/trainer willing to upgrade their skill can enrol in the course which will pave the way to travel to exotic locations across the world.

Eligibility for the Course

The online Business English Teachers Training course is open for all. Any candidate from any educational or professional background can opt for the course provided that they have zeal for teaching students from any background or culture along with a passion for travelling and the ability to adapt to any environment wherever the candidate will go to teach.